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To secure your site, complete the online form below.

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We have introduced a discount on selected outside sites when a second adjacent site is

booked - select SPECIAL in drop down box

Name/s of additional organisation/s sharing your site (fees apply, see above)

Please note: Certificate of Currency, as per Public Liability Insurance (compulsory), must be provided for all site sharers.

LPG to be stored on site - if using

Do you wish to be part of the Mallee Stump Trail?
Do you wish to have your clothing showcased as part of the Mallee Storm Fashion Parade ?

Public Liability Insurance is compulsory for all exhibitors. Please provide a copy of current Public Liability Insurance Certificate (Certificate of Currency) to the value of $10 million for each business exhibiting on this site.

Upload File

Once you press submit you will be taken to the shop page to pay by credit card. The shop page also provides option to purchase power, hire chairs and additional tickets etc.


Should you wish to pay via a different method simply press submit and then contact us at to arrange.

Full price list for exhibitor items ie power, chairs etc can be viewed here 

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