Site Information


Before 1/2/17

After 1/2/17

Outside on Oval Surrounds
Half Site (5 x 10 m) $200 $220
Singles (10 x 10 m) $230 $260
Single (6 x 6 m) $200 $220  

Machinery (15 x 15 m) 

refer Machinery Sites

$370 $390  
All sites can be duplicated at single site prices    


Life Style Pavilion
3 metres x 3 metres in Marquee $230 $260
3 metres x 3 metres (outside) $140 $160




 2017 Site Map







Lifestyle exhibitor listing

Commerical exhibitor listing







All exhibitors must report to The Manager at the Secretary’s Office upon arrival for site allocation.

All sites are marked with various coloured paint :-

  • Blue Lines = Water
  • Red Lines = Power
  • Yellow Lines = Area of allocated site

No objects are to be driven into ground within one metre of lines. Exhibitors will be liable for damage incurred on site.

Siteholders will be charged $100 for any damaged caused to any underground services that have been identified by the above colours. The driving in of any tent pegs, iron droppers or posts without prior approval of the Manager is not permitted. 

Late Entries. 

We will continue to accept late entries after February 1st but entries received after 1st March will not appear in the official program. 





Sites will be available from 9.00 a.m. Wednesday March 29th and must be completely set up by 9.00 a.m. March 31st. Site must remain within allocated area with all vehicles off the Field Day Site by that time. Heavy vehicles will not be permitted on the oval. 





Stud Ram Breeders this year can purchase a site in a designated area similar to all other Commercial Exhibitors.

Committee will ensure that sites are on “clean” lawn. Protocol for OJD will be strictly adhered to.

Sites are 6m x 6m, but smaller areas are available. Divider pens and gates will be available upon early requests.





To prevent some oval damage from large tyres new sites have been established around the perimeter of the oval at a largely discounted price. These sites measure 15 metres x 15 metres, are only $370.00 instead of the normal $495.00. 

We encourage companies to use these sites but if preferred can stay where they were but rubber matting will be required under heavy machinery. These will be supplied. 





Allocation of sites will not be made until payment of monies is made to the Secretary. While the committee endeavors to leave regular exhibitors in same area preference will be given to early exhibitors into prime areas. All money to be paid prior to the event. Passes etc. will not be sent unless site fees have been paid. 





Names of Companies that will be represented on your site must be included on the application form. A $25 fee per company will be charged to be included on all advertising forms and included in the official program.

The Committee reserves the right to refuse any exhibit that is not in the best interest of the Karoonda Farm Fair.





No exhibits are to be removed before 4 p.m. unless prior arrangements have been made with the Secretary.
Exhibitors must ensure site is left clean and tidy as found, before vacating site.

All equipment must be removed by 12 noon Sunday April 2nd unless prior arrangements are made.





If you are satisfied with your allocated site and would like to reserve it for next year a $30 deposit per site can be made to ensure you have your choice of sites. Naturally, if you wish to change your position first option must be given to the present site holder. This booking can also be made with the Secretary on the day of the Fair.



Power is available at $55 per outlet.

State how many outlets required (maximum of 2)

Please supply extension cords from power boxes. If heavier outlets required, notification of requirements should be stated on Exhibitors Entry Form.

Power Cords must be tested and tagged.

No heating devices (i.e. urns) etc. will be permitted unless prior arrangements are made with management. No power boards are permitted to be used.








2017 Admission

Adults: $15.00

Under 18: FREE

Adults: $15.00

Children 12 - 18yrs: $5.00

Under 12: $FREE


Adult 2 day pass: $25.00